We are providing a number of traditional and adventure activities

Mind-Blowing Activities to Do When You Are in Wayanad

Perched at an altitude of 2100  meters above the sea level, Wayanad is a beautiful hill station in Kerala, a piece of heaven that Kerala truly is. With picturesque lush greenery of the Western Ghats mixed with spectacular waterfalls and misty roads, Wayanad is...

Bird Watching through Village and Evergreen Forest

Bamboo village in Wayanad has become one of the important destinations for bird watching. Rich biodiversity of this place provides home for more than 144 species of resident and 42 species of migrant birds, in that many of them are endemic and endangered. And we found...

A walk to remember

South wayanad is thick evergreen forest.  The spices and tea plantations span over acres that add charm to the area.  A walk initiated here through deep evergreen forest may bring close encounters with endangered birds; of course can be a heaven for bird watchers....

Walk with Naturalist

A different nature trail guided by qualified naturalist, traversing diverse plantations and terrains. An interpretive program offering excellent opportunity to experience coffee, cardamom, pepper, paddies, bamboo, latex, medicinal plants, wild flowers etc. Unique...

A Day with a Farmer

As part of promoting responsible tourism Pepe Vacanza offering a chance to experience life of a small heritage village situated on the Lap of Western Ghats.

Sahya Sawari

A short journey fathoming the heart beats of Western Ghats to learn more about its way of life and culture.

Honey Hunt

Like Honeybees, how amazing it would be if you have been bestowed with a chance to collect honey? Here it is.


Tourists from around the world, holidaying on the beautiful beaches of Kerala are seekers of peace and joy…


Kerala has got a divine touch…. Kerala is the land that is fortified by Sahya (Western Ghats) and Arabian Sea on either side has forty four rivers and thirty four back waters to water it and one fourth of the land has lush greenery…..


It has become a daily affair for human beings to throng distant lands seeking the culinary experience of that place. Food tourism is sweeping the world and is becoming something that everyone should know and understand….

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