Poonchola Mountain, 5000 feet above sea level in Wayanad nestled in the thick fog will let your thoughts tread wild. 5 kms of off road ride in an open Jeep will land you up in the valley where your thirst for adventure is met. Who doesn’t like to spend sometimes in the wilderness of forest when you are only accompanied by the chirrups of birds and the plush green of the forest? And, things have not come to an end here. A few adventurous activities at top of the mountain to pump up your adrenaline rush came as a surprise: Burma looping, Burma Bridge and zip line were a few that were in store for you. We assure a complete freedom and wandered into the nooks of the forests. Meanwhile, years ago, Britishers used to call on the mountain and patrolling on horses were a daily chore those days. Even the trails of the yesteryear remain here. A few man made swings tied to huge trees will help us relish our  childhood days. We assure you; the small child in you will take a giant leap out of you. All are welcome to Poonchola. Let your dreams tread wild…

Thanks for this opportunity to try “day with a farmer” it was full of exhausting information for us and it was beautiful! We enjoyed all day, mostly the walking in forest. The food was delicious, the coffee etc. Once again NANNY to all of you – especially to Raju, because he is the BEST :)! and “auhtic” for lovely care and meals. See you again in the rainy season hopefully, the CZECH girls Sarka, Martina and Gatsriel

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