Honey Hunt

Like Honeybees, how amazing it would be if you have been bestowed with a chance to collect honey? Here it is.


Tourists from around the world, holidaying on the beautiful beaches of Kerala are seekers of peace and joy…


Kerala has got a divine touch‚Ķ. Kerala is the land that is fortified by Sahya (Western Ghats) and Arabian Sea on either side has forty four rivers and thirty four back waters to water it and one fourth of the land has lush greenery…..


It has become a daily affair for human beings to throng distant lands seeking the culinary experience of that place. Food tourism is sweeping the world and is becoming something that everyone should know and understand….


On a cycle saddle, let you explore the sheer beauty of this land from the famed backwaters of Alleppey through the tropically lush rainforests and to the unique high altitude mountain forests of Wayanad.  Pedaling through the manicured tea gardens of Munnar and the...

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