Why take a cooking vacation with grasshopper in a small village?

How would you like to spend a week in the Wayanad countryside, learning to cook the Wayanadan way from a warm and enthusiastic village house? How about spending a whole day at a house in bamboo village, visiting the local farmers and their farms; collecting vegetables from their vegetable garden and make your meal in a traditional way…. It’s the perfect cooking vacation.

Our promise to you: a top quality, authentic, intimate cooking experience, with lots of laughter and friendship and memories to last a lifetime.

Thanks for this opportunity to try “day with a farmer” it was full of exhausting information for us and it was beautiful! We enjoyed all day, mostly the walking in forest. The food was delicious, the coffee etc. Once again NANNY to all of you – especially to Raju, because he is the BEST :)! and “auhtic” for lovely care and meals. See you again in the rainy season hopefully, the CZECH girls Sarka, Martina and Gatsriel

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