A different nature trail guided by qualified naturalist, traversing diverse plantations and terrains. An interpretive program offering excellent opportunity to experience coffee, cardamom, pepper, paddies, bamboo, latex, medicinal plants, wild flowers etc. Unique chance to capture life of birds, butterflies, insects and other creatures. The route explore culture and tradition of village people. Program offered in two different schedules and lasts for 3 hours.

Thank you very much for a great walk and sharing all your knowledge. We felt that the trip was in a good tempo and we enjoyed the places you showed us. It is cool that you know so much about the plants, farming, and the birds around here and you’re good at explaining it in English… The food was amazing – we loved it – and it was great to get explanations about it too… all in all – great experience, we promise to recomment to other travellers we meet on the way.

Nanna Frank, Denmark & Johan Rutherhagen, sweden

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